Deep(ish) Thoughts

Micro-dose sized musings on life, love, and cooking.


Its hard to remember to be something to yourself when you're trying to be all things to all people

Both sides of me are evenly odd

You don’t lift yourself up by putting other people down

Just because you don’t play the lead role, doesn’t mean you can’t steal the show

My specialty is lifting dead things up one last time before they decompose forever

My emotions are as tangled as too many aprons in the dryer

Life ain’t what it was and it will never be what it is again

All you need to have is a bad attitude, and there is nothing you can accomplish

Nobody understands how much work it takes to make it seem like I don’t care

Don’t interrupt me when I’m busy telling you what you didn’t know you needed to hear.

All this mindfulness is making me insane