Phillip Foss in EL—

The restless innovator and Michelin-starred chef bares his soul in a new graphic novel.

Chicago Reader, by Mike Sula

Phillip Foss has never had much of an internal censor. A gentler way of putting it is that he's always worn his heart on his sleeve. The chef arrived in Chicago in 2007, taking the top job at Lockwood, the Palmer House's fine-dining restaurant, during a time when chefs had become public figures rather than faceless, nameless galley drudges. Foss also launched the Pickled Tongue, one of the first and most consistent chef blogs, and was a prolific Twitter scamp. In fact, it was an attempt to broker peace between two battling chefs that got him canned from Lockwood three years later when he tweeted: "Why can't we all just smoke a bong?" Read More >>>