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Life in El

“…a fictionalized hallucination of the chef's existential angst.” —Mike Sula, Chicago Reader

Chef Phillip Foss & Artist Timothy Foss

an autobiographical Culinary Fantasy by two cousins

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Chef Phillip Joshua Foss

Photo Credit: Unknown Photographer

Photo Credit: Unknown Photographer

Suffering from anger issues, alcohol abuse, and a bout with depression, Michelin starred chef Phillip Foss (EL Ideas, Chicago) was faced with the sobering reality of his team staging a walkout. Using that as a wake up call - and through many hours of therapy and daily meditation - Chef Foss decided to piece his life back together. Life in EL, The Saga of the Immaculate Toque, is a tangible result of that process. Co-written and drawn by his cousin, Timothy Foss, the graphic novel examines the unsustainable nature of life as a chef, and calls out some dangerous, yet deeply indoctrinated, mantras of kitchen culture. Read More >>>

Artist Timothy Foss

Photo Credit: The artist’s son

Photo Credit: The artist’s son

Timothy Foss is an award-winning artist, illustrator, visual storyteller, and humorist who founded his company, More Belief, in 2014, after 20 years making art in a studio alone. The business gets him out more. He works with clients who like his unique combination of super-heroic notetaking skills and angst-y artistry that he uses to illustrate conversations while they are happening. It’s called graphic recording, and he does this to help save people from boring meetings and hazy conferences held by organizations confused by themselves and ready for change. Since then, he has listened to hundreds of conversations among people from all over the world, and has illustrated them in front of thousands. Read More >>>